In Pain Give Me Medical Attention Now!

I hurt my leg just walking on lunch a few weeks ago, resulting in a bad injury to the point i can hardly walk. So i go to ortho doctors got a shot in my knee, 2 days later i could barely walk again! This doctor looked at me once I returned and i was told ‘ you just have OA I cant do nothing for you do u want another shot? Cha-chinnng $$$$$$ he only cares to make money! Well I left at 9pm in pain and clueless.

By end of that week I was in the bathroom feeling alone, frustrated and crying in pain and I had just arrived at 9:00 to work! Since I speak chinese i thought to myself ‘go to the Chinese doctor they can help you’ ! So with a little digging on the internet I found a Dr. Fu she gave me relief by the end of the session, I could put my whole foot down, my cost out of pocket? $110.

She says ‘ come back 3 more times @ $75 a pop! Well I couldn’t afford to go back BUT I was impressed that I could still apply my foot to the ground, with pain when walking but at least not a tipeetoe. I did some more digging and talking and found and made an appointment with the Florida College of Integrated Medicine taught by Chinese doctors! Their methodology? Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

They were able to know based on this EXTENSIVE FORM OF QUESTIONS I have dampness in my body, and kidney problems and my memory loss / insomnia is directly associated with to much water going to my spleen, and stomach. They gave me a 3 -sheets; lists of foods to avoid and eat. This was amazing! Jing also did Acupuncture with heat and Tuina massage AND gave me herbs for my ‘internal dampness’ Qi stagnation and insomnia all for $45 at the Dr Fu the cost would’ve been almost $200!!!Acupuncture Help me Walk Again

I’m writing this to encourage all to try acupuncture but find a school it may be cheaper, Dr. Fu was great and I later find out she is a director the school! Personally I got a real in depth experience and an outstanding education at the school. Diane the first lady you will see was so helpful and pleasant.
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