Is Your Knee and Brain the Same????

Why do we tease or bully people when they have a mental health condition? Why do we treat them different at work, home, picnics or those we see on the street like they have a disease? I am writing this post because we need to embrace our differences, it’s like having the inherited mole on a certain part of your body, that genetically came from one of your prior ten generations! If your head hurts or you have migranes we go to the doctor and get help, if my knee needs replacing it can be done and no one teases you say or”hey limpy” what’s up or lets not consider him or her for a promotion because he / she is limping. How stupid does that sound?

My point is this, our brain is an organ within our body it’s function is different than the function of a knee; but if the knee is damaged or if the brain is over or underproducing a certain chemical we should go to the doctor. With the knee you notice something is wrong, with the brain it may be revealed by change in normal habits, like sleeping patterns, sudden interests in activities, appetite, mood swings, anger in situations that once seemed to not upset you. Often times people sit in their home and suffer or they never get help resulting in a poorer quality of life. Its like treating that knee, you gotta fix it so you can get on with your life, it’s just another body part right?

We must be more passionate and not stereotypical toward our family, friends, workmates that suffer from mental illness. Reassure them it’s like your foot if you cannot walk you go get it fixed. People!!!! Men!!!! Go to the doctor, choose eastern or western medicine methodologies, but don’t suffer or wallow in mental agony and pain!

Family be supportive! be an advocate of this person they may have to try several drugs, or herbs before the negative emotions, and symptoms are calmed down.

So the answer to this question is yes the Knee and the Brain are the same if it is not functioning properly we go get help!!!!