Subway Directions – “Healthy Street” —- Will I Lose/Gain Weight If I Change my Lifestyle?

Interesting Harvard Research on Weight Control! Ok, I must say after you read this either you will be happy because you already are on the right subway to “BETTER HEALTH STREET” or you… Continue reading

Is Your Knee and Brain the Same????

Why do we tease or bully people when they have a mental health condition? Why do we treat them different at work, home, picnics or those we see on the street like they… Continue reading

Protein Which is Best

Remember – High Protein Diets – Drink PLENTY of Water!!! #1 – CHEESE  Parmesan – 10 grams per oz Romano, Moz, Swiss 28g per 100grams Soft cheeses 16g per 100grams #2  Large Beans… Continue reading

I’m Peelin Out!

It’s a hot day you reach into your lunch bag or your purse and grab your scrumpdillyish ORANGE! You are so very excited to peel it and quench your thirst for and that… Continue reading

In Pain Give Me Medical Attention Now!

I hurt my leg just walking on lunch a few weeks ago, resulting in a bad injury to the point i can hardly walk. So i go to ortho doctors got a shot… Continue reading